Composite Group - your professional supplier in the composite industry.

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  • Designlab

    Our creative workspace, used to support a variety of project types. Equipped with common tools for working in metals, wood and plastics, and as well as moulding, infusion, and paint.

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  • Composites

    At our facility in Esbjerg we produce parts using a variety of technics. We can produce using hand layup, vacuum infusion, RTM. If you need parts produced in prepreg or SPRINT this is of course also a possibility.

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  • Plugs and moulds

    Designing and developing plugs and moulds are one of our specialties. Years of experience within this field makes us one of the leading companies specifying design and materials for different types of moulds.

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  • Consultancy

    EPS, cork, polyester, vinylester or maybe epoxy? Solid or soft core parts, challenges and possibilities? The choices are many. We know stuff!

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  • Models and prototypes

    In our facility in Esbjerg we produce different types of models and prototypes. This can be based on our own designs or designs we develop in close collaboration with our clients.

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  • SIKA Partner

    Whether it is hand layup, infusion, RTM, or filament winding we will choose the right solution out of the wide range of products. We offer you a highly specified solution.

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  • Latest news

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    Composite Group is your full-package supplier in the composite industry.

    We assist with designs, development, specification and production of plugs and moulds. We do the first prototypes and start-up production of parts, on demand.

    Our plugs and moulds are carefully produced to heavy industries all over Europe.


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